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             Hello Reception!!!                  

Welcolme to underwater Wednesday!

Zumba kids- Minions


laughOnly Jokinglaugh

What is orange and sounds like a parrot?

A carrot!!

   Shark In The Park!    

Find out what your exciting literacy challenge is this Wednesday.


Listen to our new story Shark In The Park by Nick Sharratt


Make a telescope.Can you see a shark in the park?


Magnificent Maths



Can you work out the Pirate Code? 


Can you make a pirate secret message and put it in a bottle to make your own message in a bottle.




New RWI task set 2 sounds 

Could you all have a go at these please. Thank you Everyone!



Optional activities

Hungry pirates

Shark numbers

Smiley Shark Story

Clark the Shark read by Chris Pine


Don't forget to go onto the whole school page to find out about a brilliant competition myself and Mrs Ward set for the whole school, have a go if you would like to. It's making a sock puppet and you are invited to take part and try to win a fantastic prize! Please have a look, it is on there now! The closing date has changed to 1/6/2020.


It is lovely to see you all and the fabulous work you are doing at home on our Reception photo gallery and on the " Hello from St Michael's School!"

Also special thumbs up to your helpers.

Brilliant job folks!yesyesyes

heartlaughMiss you all!winkheart