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Week Seven – Day Three – Wednesday 20th May


History – The Battle of Marathon.



Following last week’s history lesson, I hope that you now have a greater understanding about democracy and the part that the Ancient Greeks played in the system we have in the UK today.


Who has heard of the London Marathon? Or any marathon race for that matter? Well do you know its origins? You will after this lesson.

  1. In your science book write the date and LO: Wednesday 20th May. LO -To know the main characters and events of a key battle.
  2. Watch all three video clips below.
  3. Complete a cartoon strip of the key events. You can either print the template off or copy it into your book. When plotting the key events, I suggest you complete the first and final event, think about what happened in the middle, then complete the rest of the boxes.  
  4. The sketches can be stick figures or as detailed as time allows!
  5. Send me photos of your work to upload to the gallery (if you are proud of your work).

Good luck young historians!

Mrs Beddard

Battle of Marathon Part 1

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Battle of Marathon part 2

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Battle of Marathon Part 3

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