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Wednesday 21st October


Hi Year 5!


Welcome to what should be our final day of home learning. I am really pleased to say that so many of you have been completing your work and sending it to me. This is great as you will be moving on from these lessons when we return to school tomorrow.


Today we will be moving on to using inverse operations. So, what does that mean? If you use the inverse operation, you will be looking for the one that undoes the action of the other e.g. you would use addition to undo a subtraction.  Take a look at the True or False question below before you start.



Task 1:

Work through the White Rose video and pause when you need to so you can answer any questions.


Task 2:

B Group: Answer all the questions on the White Rose worksheet up to Q.6.

A group: Answer all the questions on the White Rose worksheet. Then, can you write  and answer 2 more questions that use a bar model in the same style as Q.8.


Remember that you must email me your work please.

I hope you enjoy the maths and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Mr Jones