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Bread! As a nation we love it! If you can remember what we discussed last week you should already know about which bread brand is the most popular in the UK. Today we will again look at bread but we will be trying to think about different types of bread. Today’s challenge will require you to taste different bread types – whatever you have at home. You could try white, brown, seeded, rolls, naan, cheesy bread or any other types of bread that you have at your home. You only need a little bite of each one, don’t eat a full slice of every type or you will have stomach ache!


Or, if you do not have any, talk to your grown-ups and ask them what they thought about the different bread types that they have tasted in the past.


On today’s slide is an example of a ‘Product Analysis’ page. We would like you to draw/type out the page and do your own analysis of the different types of bread that you have or that your grown-ups can tell you about.

Complete the page and keep it ready to return to school next week. If you do the work on line, you can email it to your teacher at the correct address below:

Have fun and remember to stay safe!