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Good Morning Children!


I hope you are well. We have been really impressed with your hard work over the last two weeks, well done!


Your first task today is to read your school reading book or reading for pleasure book out loud to an adult for 15 minutes. Remember to ask your helper to sign your link book.


Your literacy focus today is a grammar task.


Wednesday 21st October

L.O: To identify and use determiners.


There are two tasks to complete which are attached below and there is a PowerPoint for you to read through to help you revise the rules of using determiners. You can either print the sheets off to complete or write your answers on paper. If the question asks you to tick the correct answer and you are working on paper, just write down the answer you would have ticked. 
Please take a photograph of your work and email it to me so I can give you any help you need.

My email address is


Thank you children smiley
Mrs Milbourne