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Wednesday 21st October, 2020.

L.O: To understand the battle between Boudicca and the Romans


Hi kids,

Last week you learnt about Boudicca. Today you will learn more about her battle with the Romans.  Firstly, read the sheet below:




Write the date and learning objective at the top of a page. Then split your page down the centre. Title one side 'True' and the other side 'False'. On the sheet below are some statements. Read the statements and decide if they are true or false. If you can print the sheet, cut out each statement and stick it either on the true or false side. If you are unable to print, copy the statements ( in your very best handwriting) onto the correct side.

Remember, if you are unsure, refer back to the text. If you can, send me a picture of your work so I can see how well you got on. Also, bring it back to school so it can go in your History book.

Good luck!

Mrs Lloyd