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                                           Welcome to Wonderful            Wednesday

Joke of the daylaughwink

Why is Cinderella so bad at football?

Because she had a pumpkin for a coach!!!


Marvellous Maths- pages 1,2 & 3

Numbers and Counting- recognising numbers and amounts.

Count, colour and write numbers in the maths book.


Lovely Literacy

This week we will be using the Oak National Academy lessons.

To access this website


When you will start on the Welcome page scroll down to the Parents and Carers heading and select Lessons.


Then you should come to the Online Classroom page. Select Subjects.


Now press the Early Years Foundation Stage in the purple box.


Next press the Literacy icon.


Finally select Bat Learns to Dance and choose Lesson 1- To join in with a story.


Join in with the story and activities. I hope you enjoy this story !laugh

Optional Activities

Arty Activity

Design your own crafty face mask. -Boy face mask sheet face mask sheet.


Brilliant birds

Use sticks, string, leaves, paint and fingers or toes to create a bird in a frame.



Sending a huge hug!

Use a piece of wrapping paper, wall paper or even news paper to draw around your  helpers head shoulders, arms and hands. Draw your face and other features, cut out, leave for 72 hours and send your big hug to someone special!



All the staff in Reception are missing your lovely smiling faces.

Please stay safe and bring your smiles when you return.heart