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Good Morning all you fantastic Year 1's

Well done for yesterday's work. I looked on Education City and there were some amazing scores from the comprehension work. Keep it up!!!


Wednesday 20th May


Here is the joke

Q. Why do bees hum?

A. They’ve forgotten the words.


1. Log on to Oxford Owl.

Select the book you started on Monday. Read through your phonic sounds again on p4 and 5, 6 and page 8. Then read the book again. After that I want you to find 6 nouns out of the book and see how many past tense words you can find. Examples of past tense.

look becomes looked

paint becomes painted

Write these down on a piece of paper or in the back of your red book.



2. Look at the attachment below (past tense) print off if you can. Otherwise write the sentences in the back of your red book.


3. Spellings - Have another go at this weeks spellings using the look, cover, write, check method. Then ask you adult to test you. Good luck! 


No spellings next week.


Have a good day



Mrs Hitchon


Using the Past tense