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Wednesday 6th May

Hi Year 6!

Welcome to Wednesday's maths lesson. First, don't forget to do your video for the St Michael's "Hello" video. I've texted all your parents with details, and there are also instructions about how you can be in the video here:

Now, onto the the maths! First thanks to those who sent in their graph from yesterday; here's a slide show with the pictures you sent:

Group data bar charts

Today I'd like you to make another graph using different data - but with no video to help today, so you need to make some decisions. We're all going to use the same data, so that we can compare the graphs. The data is the month that every child in Year 6 has their birthday. This isn't made up data, it's real data this time, but I haven't used children's names. Here is the data for all 44 Year 6 children at St Michael's:

Birthday months in Year 6

I'd like you to use the same web app as you did yesterday to do a grouped bar chart showing the frequence of birthdays for each month. Your first decision will be how to group the data - I don't want a separate bar for each month, because that wouldn't be grouped. You could for example use groups of three months - but it's your decision.


Here's the link to the graph web site again:


I'd be happy to see your graphs; send them to the usual email address:


Good luck with the work, and thanks for doing the lesson.
Mr M.