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Wednesday 1st April, 2020


Hello everybody. 


Your tasks for today are...


1. Complete pages 6 to 8 from the English grammar, punctuation and spelling booklet.


2. Read for at least 10 minutes to an adult. You can read your take home reading book, a reading for pleasure book or a book from the eBook library. Here is the site for you again.


3. Put the following conjunctions into sentences. Write them in your red book.

 - but

- when

- if


Enjoy your day.


Mrs Moore

Wednesday 25th March


Good morning Year 2. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and tried your best with your Literacy tasks.


Your tasks for today are...


1. Read for at least 10 minutes to an adult and record it in your link book.


2. Ask someone to test you on the spellings in your green book and record your score in your link book.


3. Write down 5 question sentences that you could ask your parent about their favourite hobby. Once you have written the questions down, ask them to answer your questions. Remember to use the correct punctuation.


Enjoy your day and remember to be helpful at home.


Mrs Moore