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Year 3/4


Welcome to Years 3/4!



Hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and new year break and are ready for a exciting Spring Term. This is a hard working term but with plenty of exciting lessons too! Please look at the Curriculum Overview to see what we have planned. If you want to do any work at home, please bring it in to share!


Your teachers this year are;

  • Mrs Waite (Team Leader, 4W and Year 4 Maths)
  • Miss Lloyd (4L and Year 3 Literacy)
  • Mrs DeWaele and Mrs Jennings (4DJ and Year 4 Literacy)
  • Miss Ivens (Year 3 Maths)
  • Mrs Thacker (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Hedges (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs  Radburn (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Ricketts (Teaching Assistant)


As always, year 3/4 teachers are available on the playground at the end of the school day if parents wish to speak to us, but alternatively please ring the school to make an appointment. We are always happy to help!


To view photos of events that have taken place in Year 3/4, go onto the 'Gallery' page in the 'Children' section of the website.

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