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Who's Who

Leadership Team
Mrs R. Hutchinson (Head teacher)
Mrs L. Corner (Assistant head teacher)
Mr P. Martin (Assistant head teacher)

Senior Management Team
Mrs R. Hutchinson (Head teacher)
Mrs L. Corner (FS & KS1 Co-ordinator)
Mr P. Martin (KS2 Co-ordinator)
Mrs J. Beddard (Literacy Co-ordinator)
Mrs N. Waite (Maths Co-ordinator)
Miss G. Ivens (Inclusion Manager)
Mrs E. Morris (Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator)
Mrs C. Birch (RE & Worship Co-ordinator)
Ms J. Satchwell (Business Manager)

Mrs S. Charles

Mrs E. Morris (Foundation Stage Team Leader)
Mrs H. Jennings
Mrs R. Orlik
Mrs T. Mistry

Years 1 and 2

Mrs C. Birch (1/2 Team Leader)
Mrs L. Corner

Ms B. Lloyd
Miss A. Moore

Year 3/4
Mrs N. Waite (3/4 Team Leader)

Mrs J. De Waele
Miss K. Fisher
Mrs K. Ward
Mrs T. Hitchon
Miss G. Ivens

Year 5
Mrs J. Leach

Mr G. Tsiappourdhi

Year 6
Mrs J. Beddard (5/6 Team Leader)
Mr P. Martin
Mrs L. McDermott

Support Staff

Mrs L. Anson
Mrs A. Cotterill
Mrs G. Hedges
Mrs A. Lee
Mrs B. Legg

Mrs A. Passmore
Mrs A. Radburn
Mrs M. Roberts

Mrs M. Stone
Mrs S. Thacker
Miss A. Wright
Ms. L. Porter
Miss M. Smith

Ms S. Allen

Learning Mentor
Mrs G. Hedges

IT Technician
Mrs A. Cotterill

Administrative Team
Ms J. Satchwell
Mrs J. Phillips

Out of School Clubs
Mrs V. Moore (Manager)

Mrs M. Spencer
Mrs K. Stephens

Mrs A. Wall
Miss A. Wright
Mrs A. Lee
Mrs G. Hedges
Mrs E. Griffin

Mr P. Baker

Mid-day Supervisors
Mrs A. Meek (Principal)
Mrs L. Seymour

Mrs J. Cheatle
Mrs J. Cumpston
Mrs D. Smith
Mrs Evans
Mrs W. Feeley

Mrs France
Mrs L. Langston
Mrs J. McGauley
Mrs C. Ricketts

Mrs K. Sears (Senior)
Mrs P. Thacker

Mrs S. Baugh
Mrs L. Adams
Mrs A Backhouse

Kitchen Staff
Mrs Y. Dodd
Mrs E. Griffin

Mrs S. Lahiffe
Mrs D. Marsland
Mrs M. Parton
Mrs K. Stephens