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Image result for English bannerAt St. Michael's we believe that reading, writing and speaking and listening skills are vital to allow children to access all areas of the curriculum plus equip them for lifelong learning. 

Children are encouraged from entry to develop an interest in all kinds of books and the print around them. Children will have the opportunity to:


  • Play pre-reading games and exercises to develop the variety of skills needed to learn the complex task of reading;
  • Learn a variety of approaches to reading, including phonics, whole word recognition picture and context clues to make sense of text;
  • Read from a foundation reading scheme and have this supplemented with a wide range of books offering a choice of genre and vocabulary at the appropriate level;
  • Browse, share and enjoy books with family and friends as well as sessions with the teacher;
  • Read from a range of texts and respond to the different layers of meaning in them;
  • From years 1-6, all children have the opportunity to engage in whole-class reading books.


In the Foundation Stage, children are taught to read using the

Read Write Inc. synthetics phonic programme. This continues into KS1 until a child’s phonetic knowledge is secure. Once secure, their reading is supplemented by home reading books from Oxford Reading Tree and Treetops. There is a wide range of take home reading material available as the children progress to KS2. This is closely monitored and matched to the needs of all learners.

We actively encourage the children to keep a daily log of their reading within a designated section of the Home/School Link Book. 

Below you will find links to many useful documents and websites which I hope you will find useful. Please take time to browse through them and feel free to ask for further information at any time.
Mrs J. Beddard

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