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Year 5



Autumn 1 - Internet research and Webpage design

This unit combines the further development of children’s skills for searching the internet with the introduction of creating and editing a webpage using apps.  Children will learn how to use some of the other advanced search features in Google such as fill in the blanks and how to create a webpage with a layout template which includes images and links to other webpages.  Children are encouraged to consider related e-safety issues such as use of loggings, passwords, use of their own images and photos and those of others.


Autumn 2 - Online Safety

 In this unit, children will learn about email safety with a focus on preventing and dealing with spam. They will consider the importance of strong passwords and learn how to create them. Children will build on their knowledge of plagiarism and fair use of people’s work by learning how to write citations and references for websites they may use. They will scrutinise photographs that they see online and learn how easy it is to manipulate pictures and present them as reality.



Spring 1 - Computer Networks

The children will develop their awareness of how webpages are part of the internet network including understanding about domain servers and IP addresses.  They will consider how search engines are like web spiders indexing content.  The children will create there own search engine to index an aspect of web content.  They will also explore how search engines ask a series of questions to be able to retrieve the correct information from the network.


Spring 2 - Radio station and TV adverts 

This unit allows children to use software and digital devices for recording sound. Based around the theme of a Radio Station pr TV advert, it is designed to encourage a creative approach that includes interviewing, making adverts and using jingles. Other software is incorporated where children write scripts and design additional advertising for their Radio Station/TV advert. Opportunities are included for children to present, listen, review and evaluate their own content as well as professional and commercial examples, plus those created by their peers.



Summer - Scratch and Hopscotch

This unit builds on the previous unit in Year 4 (Questions and Quizzes) using Scratch to build and edit algorithms for simple games. The unit is designed to help children develop their skills in writing their own algorithms as well as editing and debugging existing codes.


Children will also be given opportunities to explore other similar programming apps such as Hopscotch to demonstrate other apps will offer similar experiences.