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Year 6



Autumn 1 - Online Safety

In this unit about online safety, children will be taking a more in depth look at a variety of online safety issues, most of which they will have been familiarized with in previous years. They will be introduced to the idea of the internet, as a type of media, and how it can shape our ideas such as sterotypes. Children will be given ways to deal with online content that they find worrying or even believe to be dangerous.


Autumn 2 - Computer Networks

In this unit the children will be introduced to HTML source code in websites.  They will explore how this determines how a web page is displayed.  They will begin changing HTML code of existing webpages and writing their own HTML code to create a webpage.



Spring - Scratch animated stories

This unit builds on the previous unit in Year 5 (Scratch: Developing Games) as well as prior units introducing Scratch in Year 2 and Year 4. The unit is designed to help children in continuing to develop their skills in writing their own algorithms as well as editing and debugging existing codes. New skills are introduced to structure code and animate characters and scenes, gradually building to create a short animated story.



Summer - Film making

The aim of this unit is to allow children to explore various aspects of film-making. In doing so, they must choose and use appropriate software in order to complete tasks such as writing a script, researching information, filming and editing. As well as using digital devices for recording (video camera or tablet), children work through pre- and post-production stages, planning good-quality interviews for a documentary and completing the process of using video editing software/apps.