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Year 4

Autumn 1 - Programming and Code

The children will explore using programmes such as Kodu and Scratch to create functional code.  They will develop skills such as decomposition which is breaking something down into smaller parts to help solve a problem or undertake a task.  They will explore how they can incorporate 'if', 'then' and 'else' commands into sequences and the effect this has on the outcomes.


Autumn 2 - Online Safety

In this unit, children learn about preventing and dealing with cyberbullying; how to use search engines efficiently; how to avoid plagiarism online; and how to be a good digital citizen. The unit ends with children applying their new knowledge to design a character to be displayed around school to promote online safety.


Spring - Scratch questions and Quizes

This unit it builds on prior learning and experiences of using Scratch. The children will write quizzes by combining questions. While specific skills in Scratch are taught, the unit aims to teach children the wider programming skills of solving problems, testing, debugging, improving and evaluating.


Summer 1 - Computer Networks

In this unit the children build on their prior learning from Year 3.  They will discuss the differences between the internet and www and learn how to trace the route that data is taking across the internet.  They make connections to email as a global form of communication and how this data is transferred.  The children will develop an understanding how the internet allows for collaboration and the importance of this, particularly in the current climate.


Summer 2 - Animation

This unit teaches children the basic principles and techniques of simple animation. Beginning with the history of animation, children research some of the early animation techniques used before the use of computers. The lessons then compare a range of free animation
software and children incorporate the different techniques into their own animation. After experimenting, children are then given the opportunity to evaluate their experiences.