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Year 4


This term, the children are learning about French food and numbers from 11 - 20. The children will learn to say the French words through songs and actions. The children will be building more detailed phrases and linking phrases together.




Expected outcomes

speaking and writing

Half term

Learning focus

Build a phrase

Autumn 1

Numbers 11-20  + time

Further numbers + Euros + time phrase

Autumn 2


Building a phrase:  I would like +…

Spring 1

Likes / dislikes

Building a phrase: I like/ I don’t like/ I love/I hate

Spring 2

Hair & eyes

Building a phrase + linking phrases

Summer 1

Transport + countries

Building a more detailed phrase - country + transport

Summer 2


Complete and consolidate

Cross themes

Use of language in different contexts

Cultural development – use of language outside lessons- knowledge of a story