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Welcome to Year 1 MFL page.

The children are learning about different countries around the world and that people speak different languages. The children will be able to recognise the differences between where they live and other countries. They learn through playing, songs, rhymes and playing Simon says. The children love learning and find it fun!



This half term, the children are learning about French animals. The children will learn to say the French words for animals. This is taught through playing games and songs.




French animals

By the end of Year 1 pupils:

(10 objectives)


1.1 Can respond to simple, known songs with gestures eg head, shoulders, knees and toes.

1.2 Can follow and repeat actions for the vowels   A, e, i, o, u

1.3 Can respond with actions to stories read aloud (that they already know in English) Hare and Tortoise eg

1.4 Can listen and repeat names of  animals

1.5 Can identify  colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black

1.6 Can exchange simple greetings –

Salut, bonjour

1.7 Can understand simple praise words – tres bien, fantastique

1.8 Can understand the months and point to when their own birthday falls

1.9 Can sing the Happy Birthday song in time with the rest of the class

1.10 Can understand numbers 1 - 10