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Our geography curriculum enables pupils to develop a sense of place whilst exploring, investigating and understanding the human and physical processes that impact on our planet. We want children to ask geographical questions about the world around them, make suggestions about how and why environments have changed over time, be able to recognise and discuss both human and physical features of contrasting locations, and use a range of map skills. Their growing knowledge of the world around them should help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and of the formation and use of differing landscapes and environments. We aim to give pupils the opportunity to become ‘real geographers’ by providing practical experiences through local area field work studies.

In Year 1, we explore...
A Place in the Sun

Where in the world?

Map Work


In Year 2, we explore...
Where in the world?

A passage to India

Map Work

In Year 3, we explore...
United Kingdom


Map Work


In Year 4, we explore...

Polar Regions


Map Work

In Year 5, we explore...
Natural Disasters Part 1

Map Work

In Year 6, we explore...
Natural Disasters Part 2

Map Work