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Year 6


This term, the children are building their vocabulary to make longer phrases with the topics 'Who am I and where I live'.

They will use extended language and will be building a short paragraph

The children will be able to give preferences, opinions and make comparisons.

By the end of year 6 children will be able to sequence longer phrases to form a short paragraph. Describe in more detail, using a range of grammatical structures and punctuation. Include familiar and new language. Ask questions and give opinions. Speak with good pronunciation and intonation.

Half term

Learning focus

Expected outcomes

speaking and writing

Autumn 1

Who am I?

Linking several phrases = a short presentation/paragraph

Autumn 2

Where I live

Building more complex phrases using different verbs

Spring 1

Numbers 60-100            shopping

Complex number patterns + Euros

Conversation sequence/script

Spring 2

Likes / dislikes               leisure time

Extended language – building a short paragraph

Giving preferences and opinions

Summer 1


Extended language – building a short paragraph

Giving preferences and opinions. Making comparisons.

Summer 2

Deeper Learning

Revisit, perform and apply language learnt in different contexts

Cross themes

Use of language in different contexts

Cultural development – use of language outside lessons- knowledge of a story, perform songs, play games.