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 Here at St Michael's we offer our pupils a varied range of activities as part of their Physical Education curriculum. All of which are complemented with the addition of Extra curricular clubs throughout the academic year.

Foundation Stage

All of the pupils in Foundation Stage at St Michael's will be introduced to Physical Education through a range of activities. These activities which include Dance, Gymnastics, Parachute Games and Ball Skills/Familiarisation are aimed at introducing all of the pupils to the basic skills used within Physical Education. 

Key Stage One
Key Stage One Physical Education begins to look at the varied activities in more depth with the pupils continuing to develop the basic skills they have learnt as a foundation pupil.

Some of the Physical Education in Key Stage One is delivered by a specialist practitioner from Sports Plus. The activities of Dance and Gymnastics remain the same with the introduction of specific team sports such as Netball, Football,Basketball with the introduction of the New Primary Curriculum. Athletics will also be covered in the Summer Term to help the pupils develop their skills in preparation for Sports Day.

Key Stage Two
Physical Education in Key Stage Two begins to offer the pupils more disciplines to experience. The addition of swimming in Year 3/4 alongside the introduction of specific sports such as Football, Rugby and Hockey within 'games' sessions aim to equip the pupils with the more specialised skills required to achieve in specific sports.

Sports Plus once again play a prominent role in the delivery of Key Stage Two Physical Education with teaching taking place in Year 6 and Year 3/4. 

Extra Curricular Activities                              
St Michael's offers a varied range of extra curricular opportunities for all of its pupils. The activities range from Karate, Football, Athletics and Rounders  through to Dance and Cheerleading all of which are very well supported by our pupils. Clubs are run by a range of adults from Sports Plus, Kombatkids and members of the school teaching staff

The aim of our extra curricular activities programme is to further the pupils learning in activities that they experience as part of their normal curriculum. Also in some cases providing the opportunity to experience and learn skills from new activities with a view to joining out of school clubs through our links within the local community.

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