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Year 1



Autumn 1 - Introduction to algorithms

This unit is the introduction to what algorithms are, why we have them.   They will be given opportunity to develop their understanding of algorithms using equipment such as Bee Bots.


Autumn 2 - Online Safety

This online safety units is aimed at teaching basic online safety and digital literacy skills. In this unit, children learn about the potential dangers in the online world and what basic steps we all need to take in order to have positive digital experiences. The first lesson focuses on why it is important for children to name their creative work. They go on to learn about using a search engine safely to find pictures. Children learn the SMART rules and look at what information should be kept safe when using the Internet. The lessons explore the positives and potential negatives of online communication, such as email, and children will develop the skills to recognise potential dangers and act accordingly to keep themselves and others safe.


Spring - Programming & Algorithms

In this unit the children will continue to build on there knowledge of what algorithms are.  They will explore where they may have encountered algorithms in every day life.  They will discuss the term programming.  Children will use directional language to create sequences and programme equipment to move in specific patterns.


Summer - Programming with Scratch Jrn.

This unit introduces children at Key Stage 1 to the principles of coding, using the age-appropriate Scratch Jr software. A more accessible version of the popular Scratch Programming and aimed at age 5-7, Scratch Jr is available as a free app for Apple, Amazon and Android tablets. The platform encourages basic understanding of algorithms and how to create precise instructions for visual working programs.

It begins to develop a sense of creating, debugging and logical reasoning, which are required for further programming at KS2.