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Year 3



Autumn 1 - Internet Research and communication

This unit focuses on how to effectively search using key words and how to safely communicate online. The lessons focused on Internet research will demonstrate the importance of word order when searching. They will also start to examine the results returned and how to distinguish between a reliable and unreliable website or webpage. Children will learn to save webpages in a browser, as well as in a file or folder. They will also understand how this can be shared with others. Children will identify ways of communicating online, how they can keep safe and the importance of being responsible while communicating online with others.


Autumn 2 - Online Safety

In this unit, children are introduced to email and other forms of online communication. They will look at how to write and send emails, as well as how to decide if an email is safe to open. They will build on their existing knowledge of cyberbullying and how to deal with unkind behaviour online. The use and importance of privacy settings is introduced and children will discuss the types of information we should not share online. They will build on the idea of a digital footprint by thinking about how the adverts they see online are targeted at them.



Spring 1 - Computer networks

In this unit the children will learn what a network is and relate this to how the school network works.  They will consider the devices that are part of the school network and why we need a network. 


Spring 2 - Algorithms

The children will continue to develop their understanding of debugging algorithms as this will always be a crucial part of any programming they undertake.  They will explore how identifying opportunities for using repetitive algorithms can be beneficial to programming.



Summer - Programming turtle logo and Scratch

This Programming Turtle Logo and Scratch unit will teach the children to create and debug algorithms. Following on from the earlier Year 2 unit on Preparing for Turtle Logo, the children use the basic commands in Logo to move and draw using the turtle on screen, and then further develop algorithms using the “repeat” command. These skills are then developed by teaching children to create algorithms in Scratch using a selection of blocks.