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Year 2

In Year 2, children learn lots of French mostly through the skills of speaking and learning. We also learn lots of songs. Here is a list of some of the songs we learn.


By the end of Year 2 pupils:

(10 objectives)

2.1 Can respond to a variety of known and new songs with gestures to show understanding

2.2 Can sing along with the Alphabet song

2.3 Can pick out key words from familiar stories read aloud, such as  Y1


2.4 Can “play” with Spanish sounds through songs and games, including ‘tricky’ consonants such as j, ll, ñ

2.5 Can correctly say the 7 colours from Year 1 plus 3 more colours: brown, pink, grey

2.6 Can ask and respond to the question Quel temp fait il

2.7 Can understand simple classroom commands, such as

2.8 Can say the month of their birthday

2.9 Can understand a variety of descriptive adjectives, eg petit, grand

2.10 Can count from 1 - 10