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Year 5


This term, the children will learn numbers from 20 up to 60 and French words for clothes.They will be able to repeat sounds and attach sounds to the written word. The children will use the vocabulary in context to build detailed phrases and will be able to give a short presentation.



In Year 5 the children will learn to


Join 2 or 3 phrases using simple conjunctions. Speak with good pronunciation and intonation. Manipulate structures to include familiar and new words, using correct punctuation and grammatical structures.

Half term

Learning focus

Expected outcomes

speaking and writing

Autumn 1


20-60           Dates/ birthdays

Number patterns + structure for dates

Autumn 2


New verb + putting phrases together

Spring 1


New verbs+ prepositions + short sequence

Spring 2

In town

New verbs+ prepositions = structure of language

Summer 1


Linking several phrases = a short presentation

Summer 2

Deeper Learning

Revisit, perform and apply language learnt in different contexts

Cross themes

Use of language in different contexts

Cultural development – use of language outside lessons- knowledge of a story, perform songs, play games.