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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3


It is so exciting that you are coming back and we have so many exciting things to do!


Your staff this year are;

  • Mrs Waite (Team Leader)
  • Miss Ivens (3IT and Year 3 Maths)
  • Miss Lloyd (3L and Year 3 Literacy)
  • Mrs Thacker (Higher Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Rich (Teaching Assistant)


As always, year 3 teachers are happy to discuss any questions or concerns please ring the school to make an telephone appointment. We are always happy to help!


Please look under 'letters' for information about the beginning of term!


To view photos of events that have taken place in Year 3, go onto the 'Newsfeed' section of Weduc.

Use the sub-pages below to help you improve your work in school...



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